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Morerava Cottage

Morerava Cottage

Easter Island or Rapa Nui is a fragile ecosystem. For that reason the concept of morerava cottages are designed to be as less invasive with the environment as possible.

The morerava Cabins in Rapa Nui , are based on innovative architecture conceptually designed to be environmentally friendly and allow forthe pleasant rest of our guests.
The cottages in Easter Island are prefabricated and put on the terrain with the aim of transforming the land as less as possible. In it’s design special attention was given to sun light and cross ventilation to avoid the usage of mechanical systems to achieve thermal and luminance comfort.

The Cabins in Easter Island works with hot water solar heating tanks, with solar panels located on each cottage's roof, avoiding the use of gas or electricity (which in the island is generated from petrol) for this purpose.

morerava Cottages are prefabricated, made with sustainable materials.
Easter Island Accommodation tailored for the Island.

Spacious 60 interiors sq mt (646 sq feet) plus 17 sq mt (183 sq feet) of covered terraces.
Allow a comfortable stay for 6 guests. 
This cosy cabin has an open plan living space for the kitchen, dining and lounge, especially designed to enjoy within the family or with friends.

Features include: 
• Water heated by solar panels. 
• Cross ventilation for a passive ventilation system
• Large windows for natural illumination (with mosquito nets).
• LCD Flat Screen TV 
• Safe Box
• Hamaca
• Wi-Fi
• Protected Electrical System.

Fully equipped for 6 people 

• Refrigerator 
• Dish washer sink
• Kitchen with oven 
• Juicer
• Coffee maker  (Nespresso & Italian)
• Microwave Oven
• Liquifier

1.-Main Dorm
4.-Kitchen Eating room
5.-Livingroom with a two beds sofa.


Cottage Plan View

1.-Main Dorm 2.-Dorm 3.-Bathroom 4.-Kitchen Eating room 5.-Livingroom with a two beds sofa. 6.-Terrace 7.-Closets

Main Dorm

Second Dorm

Living Room

Living Room - Kitchenette




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